Financial Advice – Where is the Value?

The Royal Commission into the banking and finance industry commenced in 2018 and the ramifications are being felt across Australia.  Many Australians want answers about what is going on in the industry and what the outcomes mean for them.  Amid the turmoil centred around unethical practices occurring within the major bank owned financial planning firms and the banks themselves, you may be surprised to know that many within the financial planning industry have welcomed the Royal Commission. It is seen as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the unethical practices and the lack of transparency still prevalent in some areas and it is hoped that it will go some way towards ridding the industry of those practitioners who don’t have their clients’ interests at heart.

So, the big question is, why would you use a financial planner?  According to the Value of Advice report (2017- Sun Super), financial stress is considerably affecting peoples lives, with Health and Family relationships suffering the most.  The report also noted that 8.7million Australians have unmet financial needs, with approx. 2.5million seeking advice every two years.

Further to this a report by IOOF in 2015 concluded that persons who had received financial advice reported an overall increase in peace of mind by 21% over those who hadn’t received advice.  The report also concluded that 59% of Australians list Financial independence as their #1 goal.

So, it would seem the reports conclude that by having a plan and being guided by a professional who takes the time to listen to you, who understands your needs and goals and who is armed with insight and knowledge, quite simply removes the stress you may be feeling about your future.

The end result… you’re happier.

So how do they achieve it?  A financial adviser will achieve this by:

  • Knowing what’s important to you
  • Protecting your wealth and your family’s future
  • Maximise your Super through age appropriate strategies
  • Protect your assets
  • and help you plan for your retirement

At Satori Advisory, we bring together all your financial experts under the one roof. It’s a truly holistic approach, where your financial planner, accountant, mortgage broker, investment and property advisors meet face-to-face to focus on just one thing – your unique financial goals. Each brings their own expertise, while together they are accountable for executing an integrated plan to supercharge your financial well-being.

If you’re ready to take control of your financial future, we’re ready to help. With access to in-house experts in property, mortgages, tax and accounting, our holistic approach has your financial well-being covered. We’ll help you define your goals and prioritise what’s most important for your future. Together we’ll evaluate different models of prosperity, rigorously stress test them and then execute a plan to realise your true financial potential.

If you would like to take control of your financial future, contact our team on 1300 925 081 or via our contact form for a no obligation discussion with a financial planner.


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