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People value different things about the MyVAULT app. For some, the focus is on cash flow and for others, it’s monitoring their total wealth and how they’re tracking toward their goals. A lot of our clients, however, are saying it’s the ability to store important documents in a single secure place that they value. So, what are they storing?

  • Their last Will and Testament, powers of Attorney and other Estate Planning documents
  • Insurance documents relating to their Life insurances and other personal insurance
  • Tax returns
  • PAYG payment summaries, to provide easy access to their accountant
  • Receipts for things they will later claim as a tax deduction – enabling them to package up tax deductible expenses for their accountant
  • Employment contracts
  • Mortgage, car loan and other loan related documents
  • Investment property rental statements
  • Advice documents provided by their financial planner.

The document storage area makes it easy to access your important documents any time from the mobile app oronline.

To find out how MyVAULT can bring your financial world to life, contact the team today at for a free trial or visit


CXC Financial Partners completed an exciting rebrand and name change to

Welcome to the brand new website.

Our new branding is built around the concept of Wealth Enlightenment.

Enlightenment by transforming complexity to simplicity; and simplicity to meaningful action.