Our why, what, how and who:

We partner with individuals, couples, families and business owners who desire to be more proactive in realising their true financial potential.

Often, doing well, but now need a plan.

They see the time has come to start being more deliberate with their approach to creating and securing wealth.

Often being time-poor and having some financial complexity, with insights and speed they want to connect all the dots.

They need guidance, transparency and a feeling of comfort as they divulge their personal or business vision of financial success.

With our support across financial planning, tax and lending, they are ready to commit to action, excited to be on a clearer path to their own financial prosperity.

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Our name
reflects our purpose and promise.


[ suh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee ]
sudden enlightenment.
“the road that leads to satori”

wealth enlightenment

By transforming
complexity to simplicity;
and simplicity to meaningful action.

This has always sat within the DNA of the brand. Now it’s in the name.

New name, same full suite of services...

Meet the Ownership Team.

Tim Hobart

“I wanted to thank all our wonderful clients for coming on this journey with us. We have a unique engagement offering and being aligned with our unique clients has been so rewarding. I’m delighted to welcome Josh Perkins and Brett Piercy to sit alongside May Chong and myself in the ownership group. Brett and Josh bring over 50 years’ experience in, tax, tech and financial services. Together we will be delivering some truly innovative solutions. We are committed to raising the bar for building client’s wealth and making their life easier.”

Josh Perkins

“We love our clients and we’re committed to ensuring our solutions reflect their needs and save them valuable time. We want to ensure we’re delivering exceptional value in a friction free fashion. The name change is our commitment to delivering on this fresh approach. The future is focused on better wealth discussions, better wealth solutions and a much clearer path toward delivering on client goals.”

May Chong
Head of Lending

“I’m thrilled to embark on this next chapter of our business growth with our new owners and our new brand. The last 12 years has proven that adding lending to tax and wealth solutions for our clients has been powerful. I’m so proud of the results we achieved for clients. I’m excited to be rolling out our next major re-brand being the re-naming of CXC’s Launch Money business early this year.“

Brett Piercy
Head of Tax Strategy

“The modern advisor practice needs to be malleable and fluid to work around our clients’ objectives. The Satori model embraces the idea that as advisors we can no longer operate in silos. We are doing away with fragmented advisory and moving to the modern model of advisory that embraces ‘multi-lens’ problem solving. We think that it’s time for advisors to work smarter, more cohesively and to orientate their services around the client’s need rather than the current inefficient way that things are done in our industry.”

Meet Our Team.

Non-negotiable attributes of our team: Kind, smart, non-judgmental, empathetic, strategic, leaders, growth mindsets, clear thinkers, clear communicators, organised & accountable.

Wealth Creation
Tax &

Tim Hobart


Kirsti Wetton

Growth Advisory Manager

Damian Hearn

Senior Financial Advisor

Josh Perkins


May Chong

Head of Lending

Tom Stringer


Brett Piercy

Head of Tax Strategy

Eve Hearne

Client Services Manager

Linh Huynh

Tax Division Manager

Jess Abey

Client Services

CXC Financial Partners completed an exciting rebrand and name change to

Welcome to the brand new website.

Our new branding is built around the concept of Wealth Enlightenment.

Enlightenment by transforming complexity to simplicity; and simplicity to meaningful action.